Flexible & Energy Effiecient

Software-defined modular data center infrastructure that can be dynamically provisioned based on the needs of your application. Standardized, yet customizable, Baselayer®Anywhere is IT agnostic and provides you with the flexibility and energy efficiency you need to deliver performance and reduce cost.


Unlike a traditional data center, Baselayer® modular data center infrastructure provides standardized deployment options that give you the flexibility and capability to meet the demands of compute today and beyond.

Baselayer Welder


Baselayer®Anywhere modular data center infrastructure is manufactured in the United States of America to the highest quality standards. Utilizing a repeatable, lean manufacturing methodology and driven by continuous improvement, Baselayer® is delivering the future of the data center – today.

Watch the Birth of a Module


Whether you require a data center indoors or outdoors, Baselayer®Anywhere can be deployed anywhere and can accommodate even the most aggressive density requirements.

Watch a Modular Data Center Deployment



Engineered for indoor resiliency and scalability, the Baselayer® Core delivers state-of-the-art, compartmentalized, raised floor space configurable in standardized increments of predictable capacity. The Core line can be dynamically provisioned to match application redundancy requirements for both enterprise and service provider customers. Core modular can be rapidly deployed indoors into “greenfield” or existing backplanes.


With its compact footprint designed to enable High Performance Compute (HPC) or latency sensitive applications, Baselayer® Edge is designed to meet high power density requirements for both the HPC, Cloud and Web Scale environments. Edge modules enable adaptive scalability in single or multi-module configurations as compute demands changes. Capable for both indoor and outside deployments, these units offer close proximity to the end-user and allows you to distribute data center capacity wherever it’s needed.


Fortrust 1:56

See how FORTRUST Data Centers was able to reduce their data center capital expenditures 12% by using Baselayer®’s modular data center infrastructure.

SRP & Baselayer® 6:35

Salt River Project has teamed up with Baselayer® to come up with an innovative way to provide reliable power to data centers.

Baselayer® at Gartner 2014 2:22

At the 2014 Gartner Data Center conference, Baselayer®’s Bill Slessman was joined by a panel of business leaders from Goldman Sachs, CenturyLink, and SRP.

Manufacturing the Modular Data Center 2:02

Baselayer®’s VP of Engineering and Product Development Andreas Zoll explains how the design principles of essential and optimal are applied in the Baselayer® Factory to manufacture a modular data center.

90 Day Data Center Deployment 2:03

Watch how an outdoor data center gets deployed – from pad to production in 90 days.

Modular Data Center Animation 2:57

This brilliant animation illustrates how a next generation data center is deployed inside an existing industrial building.