The concept of the modular data center has gone through dramatic changes since the data center in a box concept was introduced in the mid 2000’s.  Early versions were deployed in form factors of convenience, such as ISO shipping containers. These containers were specifically designed to have minimal flexibility but to house high production servers with a short lifecycle. Unfortunately, many of today’s data center professionals still equate today’s modular data centers to the early containers.  

Modular Data Center technology of today provides long-term solutions offering great flexibility in solution size, accommodation of both low and high density rack loads and a wide variety of cooling technologies. They have 20-year + life cycles with the flexibility in their design to easily afford IT equipment refreshes and environmental equipment upgrades. Concerns of outside deployments are alleviated with designs meeting seismic, wind rating and snow loading industry standards.   The term of “data center container” should be reserved only for the ISO container form factor. 

We come from data center operators – our company was founded on that and built by data center operators. We strive to keep data center managers and operators at the center of our design process, keeping with traditional data center look and feel, reliability and security.

As one of the first manufacturers to venture into low-density modular data center designs, our modules provide a high level of flexibility in IT space, cooling options and vendor neutrality.

The BASELAYER EDGE product line provides data center options for a wide range of rack densities and cooling options, with our LM series providing the most flexibility in rack loads and cabinet counts. The Edge LM scales from densities ranging from 14.7kW per rack, accommodating thirty-five (35) 52U racks, down to 4.7kW per rack and one-hundred-ten (110) 52U racks, with incremental steps between these two extremes. The EDGE LM provides flexibility to accommodate virtually any load and rack count needed to meet the business need.

BASELAYER continues to innovate to meet and exceed ever changing technology requirements. We have incorporated the concept of cooling blocks into our designs, offering options beyond just chilled water and DX that have traditionally been seen in smaller data center units. With direct and indirect outside air designs, supported by evaporative media and/or mechanical backup cooling, we can optimize operating efficiency while maintaining a highly reliable environment for your IT infrastructure.

A modular data center is not a “container”. It has moved into the realm of hardened, flexible and highly efficient data center deployments. When reviewing data center deployment/build strategies for examples like hospitals, CDN, manufacturing, research facility or hosting sites, modular data centers are a viable alternative to traditional data center deployments.